Mr Gold-Mine Treasure Hunter, Let’s Get One Thing Straight Here

The fact that I made this group and the indication I give that I like you, does NOT mean I am making a marriage proposal. =P   

When did we meet? Oh, ja, when I wrote some story for FreeFallWall and called him meri dost - if I remember correctly, that had you laughing in fits of hysteria. =P Though I do thank you for making me aware of the fact that he is actually mera and not meri. ;) From there, you and I have become relatively good friends (I presume so, because I’m still in one piece….). I know we haven’t known each other for the longest of tie, but the while I have been able to spend communicating with you has ever once been boring or a waste of time: you’re forever coming up with interesting facts and contemplative commentary. In a short matter of time, you’ve found a little old cobweb in a dusty corner of my stony heart. Mmm… sounds like your basement, right? Just minus the weapons and bodies…..

You are so cool. Like, seriously. The PM rotating between us is one of the maddest I’ve ever seen. I laugh every time I try to sit down and read it seriously – you just have a way of humouring me. And surprising the heck out of me. Lol, I must say, the first time you made a bombing joke…. Priceless face, even if I must say so myself. =P You are one of the few people who aren’t scared of my 3860 word messages. Or, if you are, you don’t admit it to me. =/ I have learnt so much from you about so many things: thanks to you I am so much richer in knowledge and in friendship. =]

Yaar, sometimes I think you’re an undercover ninja with all your stalking ways. O.o Lol, who’d have thought you, FreeFallWall and I were such dangerous karate masters? We’d make a great Triumvirate (from the Latin tres viri = three men [juts two men and one woman =P) rulers. Mwahahahahaha, I’ll forcefully take over your place of authority and over through you two from your high thrones. ;)

You’re always so kind to everyone here on EP. People may say you seem arrogant and too proud in life when they first meet you, but I for one do not think it so. Whether you want to believe it or not, there is nobility in you. I’m really glad EP has helped resolve some of that shyness around strangers – now more people will be able to know such a great guy. =]

Just a reminder: no marriage proposal. But as a friend you’re pretty darn cool and as a friend I totally adore and love you. =P
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Sounds like something the Grim Reaper uses. =/

*twiddles fingers* Mmm....

Really, So what is the theme is it serious or comedy ?. Actually i've seen bits of the movie Maula Jatt and it is owesome. Yes it is different but the dialogs are great. Have you seen it ? Do tell me when they launch that series.

You know they're launching the first pakistani animated series on youtube and its based on the whole punjabi movie idea. Its called chota jutt.


Gandasa is a weapon of the past. It is like a long stick and a cutter at the end.

Like Wall said you don't need to search for weed here. There is plenty of it :P.

@ Wall

Yup they are hilarious and wicked hahaha

haha weed's a plenty. It grows everywhere. Even in empty plots in my old neighbourhood. Try poppy. thats rare.

lol we were jus playing old punjabi action movie heroes. They're hilarious

Who's Gandasa? =O

Oye, ANOTHER fight? Really? *sighs* Okay, where's my weed to suck on and enjoy while you two are blowing off each other's heads? And once again, I am left lost in your crazy plot. -_-

*Leaves his gandasa and gets out his ak 47 :P. Heheheh

Haan oye buddhya! *gandasa swings and flashes and hits laze with a KA-POW*

@ Wall

Nawa aiya hain Sooniya :P

Oh yeah you can happily have henna applied by anyone while you zone in and out watching the fight of honour.

Yeah you have it coming. Because maulay nu maula na maray te maula naee mar sakda!

So Weeding it is :P. Well those quizzes are true i guess :P . A really Happy wedding.

Don't be so quick. Me and Freefallwall still have to fight with gandasa :P

Well, I did take a quiz and it said my wedding colour should be green - I guess "weeding" is the theme then. ;) At least everyone will leave happy.... *waits patiently for her go-ahead to get some henna* =P

@ wall

Lol at Gandasa just like those punjabi films. It will be a fight between norie nath and maula jat


Don't worry about the weed lol You can find the purest and the cheapest weed here. Having border with Afghanistan has some advantages :P. I guarantee you it will be a weeding it is part of the culture now :P.

Why of course! A gandasa to finish you off with Once i'm done disrupting the wedding :P

Say what? Where's the weed? Someone getting high? =/ Geez, you don't have to get so stressed - you still have two chances left to change your mind. ^^

@ wall

I love that Dialog lol.

You've just interrupted my weeding ? Did you bring any presents ? :P

I am really and truly giggling and snorting now. =P

and now i read this?


Don't laugh that much you are just two Qabools ha away :P. hahahahahah

*evil scientist laugh* Mwhahahahaha! See? And I don't even need any weapons. ;)

I am thinking don't be so hasty it is a big decision :P. I need my time, Now who is intimidating :P

Ya think? =P

hahahahahaha, That is a fantastic word, Bomber in Law. lol

Haha! My parents can have a bomber-in-law. =P

Yeah just two left be careful :P , Or you'll get up getting married to me hahaha

Hahahaha! I get it! =D

So, I have one "Qabool ha" so far - waiting for another two... hehehe... mwahahahahaha! =P

I said Qabool ha,

Which means i Accept.

Actually during marriage the boy has to say Qabool ( I accept) ha Three time for the marriage to be completed.

I was laughing as it went with the tone of this topic :P

Lol, what? =/

Yaar, I have no idea what you're trying to say. =P

I would've known before asking for help :P.

Ok Qabool ha :P hahahaha