Newbie To Le Creuset! Help?

First, let me say, I'm in love!!! My first-ever baked loaf of bread was a pure success in my new Le Creuset Dutch oven. I am constantly looking online to check how to cook/bake things. I don't want to ruin my new pot or the food in it! This evening I was making some fresh guacamole and was using my batter bowl -yes, I am using my new Le Creuset for anything I make! :) My question is, can I use a metal whisk or even a regular table spoon to stir ingredients in this? The batter bowl is from the stoneware line. I know Le Creuset strongly advises NOT to use metal on their enamel coated cast iron, but wondering about the stoneware line? I do not want scratches on my new stoneware, but normally I use a metal whisk when mixing batter, eggs or anything in a batter bowl. Does anyone know for sure?
johnandjenk johnandjenk
Sep 22, 2012