Ancient Universal Wisdom!

I used to be very skeptical of Astrology, but that's because I had only been exposed to western "pop-culture" astrology, which seemed so self-centered and superficial-because a lot of the time, it is! Fortunately however, I have become aware and very interested in other, older forms of astrology and Planetary/Lunar/Cosmic consciousness. Such as Vedic, Kabbalistic, Mayan, Native American, Chinese, and better western astrology too! The Positive Light of which the Universe and everything in it (including us) was created ties them all together.

Here are some book/sites that have helped me discover more on my astrological journey thus far. Please share your insights and resources as well!

Kabbalistic Astrology, Based on the Kabbalah~

Mayan Astrology~,,

Indian/Vedic Astrology~,

Native American Astrology~,

Chinese Astrology~

Western and Moon Astrology~,

Infinite Love & Light!!!
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2 Responses Aug 10, 2010

ya as a South Asian, vedic is the "must" in my life lol

ya as a South Asian, vedic is the "must" in my life lol