My Curiosity Makes Me Learn

College and I do not get along. I tried it three times. Last time I almost committed academic suicide. I got into a heated debate with my history professor over FDR. He was wrong and so was the book. I studied FDR on my own and read a lot from FDR's Presidential library. The book and the professor were wrong by FDR's own hand.

I also loath professors that try to teach in a field that they never actually worked in. I got into writing movie scripts and learned the field of how to properly submit a script for production. I also learned the steps for actual production and the process. I had professors tell me to just send it in. Nothing about a treatment, a synopsis, proper format, nothing of registration. They were totally wrong.

I'm not downplaying the importance of college. By all means get the education. I do recommend you research beyond the campus so you know how to properly apply your education and what the real world needs and requires. Nothing is worse than getting a degree and not knowing what to do with it.

Today I read everything that even remotely interests me. I get certifications in specific fields of expertise. Not equal to the power of a degree, but I just want the field. Such as financial planning. I got my investment license. Locksmith, I got certified and bonded. Micro-expression expert, certified. I don't just get these certifications I work in the field.

I go beyond the fields also to those areas that relate. Financial planning relates to sales, insurance, mortgages. I studied them all and got licensed in those areas. All have since lapsed since I moved on when those markets tanked. I studied business and transportation, physics, quantum physics and multiple string theory. Photography and film editing. Music and music production.

The list is a long one. It may sound like I'm all over the place an unfocused but there is a sanity to my madness. I study things that relate, even remotely, to a topic or field I am interested in. If I become interested in that field I study that area indepth as well.
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2 Responses Aug 13, 2010

I am the same way as well. I am a very curious person. Anytime I don't understand or know the answer to something, I always look it up. I'm always the person to ask questions. Especially about the way things work. It does get me into trouble sometimes. People think I'm a know it all. But that certainly isn't the case. I'm just curious. ;)

Love it!!!