well i work part time and i'm doing online schooling on the side. i like it. cosmetology is my major.. i figured it would help me out with my confidence at work. i am a health and beauty aide sales associate. and yes i dont know everything about that department. i get frustrated about that. well people tend to get mad if you dont know one little thing. that irritates me. well ok back to schooling. i had gone to college 2000 to 2002 majored in hotel management. didnt care for it too much. i wanted more hands on . and it was just basic book learning. see i am still interested in hotels  maybe after i finish my cosmetology i will pursue hotel management again. i like my online schooling stratford career institute because i can learn the technical stuff and be learning more hands on at my job. help me gain more confidence maybe be a hair dresser or skin facialist. who knows. but im figuring out what i want to learn and be better.
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think that your on the right matter where you go in life there you are, but at least your still trying........