My New Girlfriend In Long Long Leather Boots

My new redheaded girlfriend, Katherine, is very feminine and always wears skirts and boots with chunky heels from the 70s. I learn about her thigh red brownish leather boots when hugging her in the dark cinema as she was sitting on my thighs. As I was holding her legs my index finger happened to follow the zipper of her left boot well into the skirt. I could not find the boots end as my finger passed her knee deep into her thigh. I woke up with the heavy heel of her right boot on my shoes' toes knocking them down angrily. Throughout the remaining of the movie I could not hold thinking about the long long red brownish boots of my new redheaded girlfriend. During the last episode of the movie I made my last attempt to stroke her woolen skirt, searching for the top part of her left boot, but to no avail. I went to bed that night without solving my enigma.

But I finally found the answer three months later in a long close dance with Katherine. It was the first time I have seen her in long flares. I immediately recognized her long long red brownish boots by their round platforms and unusual red brownish colour that matches so well her rich red hair. As we danced closely to each other, she holding my neck and me her bottom I would have felt the edges of her boots all around her round narrow ***. I was so excited by this discovery that I forgot to keep my toes away from Katherine's heavy platforms. I could not hide my erection from her. I know she felt my excitement as she smiled all the way around.
jonathan69123 jonathan69123
41-45, M
Sep 12, 2011