Leather Skirt In Public

When I was 15 years old I was at a JC Penney and a woman who worked at the Salon wore a sexy black leather skirt with a back zipper and a back slit. I wanted to touch it, it was so sexy. Made my day!!! Tell me about the time you saw a woman wearing a leather skirt in public!!!
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i wanted to stroke her leg when she was on a bus it turned me on so mutch<br />
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i just wish i could find to someone to have sex with in leather pvc or latex

Great question...there have been so many leather skirts since the first one! Let me see....I have to say that technically my first experience was through a Sears catalog that my parents received...I would drool over the pics of women in leather skirts. As for the real thing, it was not until much later....a teacher actually wore one to school one day. It was a long leather skirt, and not tight, but definitely got my attention. I remember fantasizing about it often.