My Leather Skirts

As a young person growing up, I began to notice that girls who appeared to have loose morals were wearing black leather skirts. While their morals had nothing to do with me I wanted to try one of those skirts on so very badly.

It took several years later that I decided that I wanted a skirt so I went to a store several miles away from my own city. The SA asked me what I wanted and I took a deep breath and told her I wanted a leather skirt, she looked at me then led me over to a rack of skirts and selected a carmel colored one held it to my waist and said that will fit you, she further stated that she would love to have me try it on, but there were other Rg's in the store and they would be upset having me in the change room beside them. So I bought and raced home. I removed my clothes and got redressed in much more comfortable ones, then with great anticipation I tried on my new purchase. I drew it up my legs allowing the liner to rub against my nylon clad legs, it sent chills up my spine. Once the skirt was around my waist I snapped it shut and pulled up the zipper, it fell just below my knees, WOW what a feeling.

That was the first leather skirt I ever purchased I now have 9 in my collection.I do not have a favorite color, be it my black or maroon ones, my carmel or butterscotch, or bright red one, I just really enjoy wearing them
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1 Response Sep 9, 2012

Did you wear one? I bet you looked and felt sexy.