The Older Woman I Knew!!!


This story is not true!!!



I started a job a few years ago for a large corporation. There were lots of sexy women who were working there even girls my age. It was my first day when I was approached by a sexy woman. She was 18 years older than I was but very sexy. She was 5 foot seven inches tall, had short blonde hair, blue eyes and always wore the sexiest outfits and high heels. The day she approached me she was wearing a sexy black leather skirt with a back slit and a back zipper. It hugged her hips just the way I love it. The skirt went down to her knees. With that she wore a button up blouse that was tucked into her skirt. She also wore a sexy pair of black leather high heels. I was shocked and very nervous to speak to her when she approached me.

When she approached me we introduced ourselves to each other. Her name was Jane. I have always loved the name Jane ever since I saw a woman wear a long black leather skirt on the Early Show. After I introduced myself we had a great conversation and I ended up complimenting her leather skirt. She was nice about it, in fact she was a very sweet lady. She asked me if I liked leather. I told her I love leather then the subject went on. Later on she asked if I would like to come to her house for dinner sometime. I said sure. She gave me her address and what time to show up. After that we went to get a cup of coffee together and talked more about other things including leather. I couldn’t control myself. When I went home that day I thought about Jane and her sexy leather skirt and heels. That thought helped me sleep that night.

The next day at work she wore something sexy as well. She wore a black sweater and a long black leather skirt with black leather boots. She was so sexy. Luckily for me we had to work together. The skirt hugged her body from the waist down. When she walked in the office she wore a sexy ankle length black leather coat that hugged her body. I myself wanted to hug her. When we were on break she let me touch her skirt. It was buttery soft and so was her coat. She told me I should check out her leather wardrobe she has at her house. I couldn’t wait for the night at her house for dinner. The next day she didn’t wear leather but she did wear high heels with a skirt suit. That day came at the office she wore a pant suit. She asked me if I was looking forward for tonight, I told her I wouldn’t miss it for the world. She told me it was sweet for me to say. After work I went home got cleaned up and ready to go to Jane’s house. I could not wait. I knew she had two boys because when I first met her she told me all about them. I was never really good with kids so I decided to keep cool for this sexy lady. Anyway after I got cleaned up and ready I headed out the door and on my way to Jane’s house.

When I got to her house and approached the front door like she told me to, I knocked on the door and she answered. Right there before my eyes stood her sexy silhouette. She was wearing a white button up blouse, a really sexy knee length black leather skirt with a back slit and a back zipper. The skirt hugged her body and I wanted to touch it really bad. She also had on black stockings and black leather high heel shoes. We hugged hello and she invited me in and introduced me to her two boys. Her oldest son was named Michael who was thirteen at the time and her other was Matthew who was four years old. They were good boys and I began to get along with them pretty well. She asked me “I hope you like chicken, it’s the only thing I can cook besides food for my boys.” I told her with a smile on my face “Chicken is good, I like chicken!” so we sat down and ate our supper as I told Jane she look amazing tonight in her leather skirt. It wasn’t the same skirt she wore the day I met her but it was really sexy. After dessert which was cheesecake I helped her put the boys to bed because they had to get up early to go to their fathers.

We sat down together in the living room by the fireplace and talked for a while. Next thing I knew I was getting a bit horny from drooling over her leather skirt all night and I could feel a tingle in my body. She had her smooth beautiful legs crossed which wrinkled her skirt. We got back on the subject of leather and I told her all about how I always loved leather. She immediately put down her cup on coffee on the table in front of the leather couch and we touched lips. She had soft red lips we continued to kiss for about a minute or two. As we kissed I placed my hand on her leather skirt and legs. She stopped and said “I want to show you my leather collection, want to see it?” I followed her into her bedroom and right into her closet. I watched her leather covered *** wiggle as she walked. I could not take my eyes off of her. When we go to her closet in her bedroom she showed me all her leather. When she accidentally stepped back into me I ended up putting my hand on her leather covered ***, she then turned to me and we kissed again.

“Can you stay the night with me?” she asked. “I love to” I replied as I took her by the shoulders and layed her down in the bed. I layed down on top of her and kissed some more. I could see she was getting horny so began to unbutton her blouse and kissed her neck and chest. She had on a black lace bra. Then I moved down to her leather skirt and I began to kiss the skirt as she moaned. I stuck my tongue out at her skirt and took one long big stroke to her leather skirt. It felt so good. She loved it when I did that. She had me take off her shoes and undress myself. After I undressed I layed under the bed sheets with her and we began to rub and kiss, she still had on her leather skirt. I could feel my **** rub against her leather skirt. I stroked the leather skirt with my **** and I told her I was about to ***. I got up and jerked at the leather skirt and I shot a load of *** all over the front of the leather skirt. The *** ran all over. After she took a picture of it with her digital camera I helped her clean off the skirt. Then we got back into bed and had more sex. It was the best night ever. We was up all night in bed rubbing against each other, it was very romantic. Thinking about her and her leather clothes got me really turned on.

When I woke up that morning she wasn’t in bed. I got up and I saw her in the kitchen wearing the leather skirt I had cummed on last night. She saw me then walked up to me and gave me a hug and kiss good morning. She had made muffins for breakfast because that is what the boys liked in the morning. She thanked me for last night before the boys woke up and got ready to go to their fathers. After breakfast she went into her bedroom to change, she let me watch her undress and dress casually. It was very sexy watching her unzip her leather skirt and pulling it off. “We should do this again.” she said to me. Meanwhile we took her boys to their dad’s and then she dropped me off at my place. The thought of her in leather was in my mind all weekend.

Monday was here and it was cold out. I went to work and when I got there Jane was wearing the same pantsuit she wore on Friday. Later that afternoon when I saw her she was wearing the sexy long black leather skirt and a red sweater. She called me over and we chatted with some people. While we did I stood behind Jane with my arms around her and my raging **** was against her leather encased ***. We cuddled most of the afternoon. She asked if she could come over and I said sure. She had nothing to do because her boys were at their dad’s again. It was 8:00 p.m. and there was a knock at the door. I answered it and there before my eyes was Jane all dressed up in black leather. She had on another black leather skirt, not the one I cummed on but it was a sexy one. The skirt had a back slit and a back zipper, she looked so hot in it. Along with that she wore a sexy leather top, a black leather jacket and black leather gloves and black high heels. I invited her in and we immediately kissed and I rubbed my hands all over her leather. As I took her in my bedroom and turned all the lights off, I started to lick all her leather and it made her hard core horny. She started to undress me and told me to lay down in top of her and *** all over her like I did the other night. I got naked and began rubbing my **** all over the leather and I was about ready to ***. I got up and stroked my **** at her and my **** squirted *** all over the leather soaking her from her shoulders to the bottom hem of her skirt. She was a mess.

The next day she wore a red leather skirt that hugged her body. When we were working I could help but stare at her leather skirt. I couldn’t control myself. She purposely dropped her pen on the floor and she said to me, “would you get that for me please?” I moved toward the floor to pick up her pen and after I picked it up I stuck my tongue out and gently licked her leather skirt. When I licked her skirt she gasped as tears were in her pretty blue eyes, then we kissed. Luckily we were in a secluded room were nobody would disturb us. I got up to lock the door and she unbuttoned my pants. I was hard as a rock. I rubbed all over her red leather skirt and next thing I knew I cummed all over the leather skirt and dribbled on the floor. It was a mess and we had to clean it up fast. The skirt was good as new and nice and shiny when we cleaned it. Since that night we have been very close and dated a lot on and off. As we continued to work together she wore leather a lot and last time I saw her wear leather, she wore a sexy pair of black leather pants that hugged her *** and hips. She was one older woman in leather I would never forget!!! Tell me what you think of this story at


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Feb 7, 2010