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Wearing Leather To Sell Better

The only positive I got from my two year marriage was my introduction to leather. My ex husband constantly bought me new leather pants, leather tops,leather jackets and leather dresses. When he wasn't buying new, I would arrive back from work to be greeted by the old lady from the apartment below with another purchase from ebay that he had made.

Don't get me wrong, I was very grateful, I love the smell of leather and I love the feeling of walking slightly restricted by the lack of give of my tailored leather skirt, I love the shiny sheen that when the light catches my pants or coat, the leather gleams, I love the creaking of my leather and the comments it causes especially in the confines of an elavator . I will deliberately  wear a very creaky patent leather trench coat  and move about in the elavator pretending to put my pass on.  More often than not my buyer will comment on how noisey my coat is. Whereas eighteen monts ago I might be seen for five minutes n the reception lobby, or in th the canteen,now they set aside 30 minutes and book a meeting room.  I love the admiring glances. I absolutely love the leather taboo. I know when I go in to a meeting wearing one of my leather pencil skirts the men look twice and they make an instant judgement , ( much easier to sell when your buyer has preconceived ideas of you ! ). Then the reverse is true, most women look almost with distain , like you are some sort of hooker. But occasionally you meet someone who has the courage to comment and you know there is an instant connection. Whoever, everyone has an opinion on leather.

As a sales person I use my leather wardrobe as a powerful seeling aid. I now have over 200 items of leather clothing, not to mention 30 pairs of high heeled boots and pumps. I always wear some item of leather clothing. For me it has become part of my personality and my pitch I plan everything in  a meeting. In my sales files,I profile all my clients and always add what I think their view of my leather attire. I have one guy, who previous to my love of leather, would tell me that it was company policy to spread the buying around different suppliers.To my knowledge over the last eighteen months he's used us exclusively. Last year I came third nationally for overall sales, but this year, I am so far ahead,I know I will be National sales champion. I put this down to the preparation not just in my pitch but also my appearance. I know guys are getting off on seeing a woman totter in totheir office dressed in a tight fitted black leather dress in the middle of summer.

I love the winter best, because I like the 'reveal'.I'll wear a three quarter length leather coat tied at the waist , creak a bit in the elavator and then when I am in the meeting room, I'll leave my coat on whilst the coffee is sorted and I mess round getting my files out. Only when I know I have my buyers undivided attention will I untie my coat and take it off revealing a tight midi skirt and large silver belt. I love the anticipaion in their eyes and the look of approval as they take in my bare legs up to the tight shiny black leather.

  I will often have three or four different leather outfits in my car that I will change in to during the day depending on who I am seeing Unless I am asked to ( and I regularly am ) I never wear the same outfit to a client twice.. To me it's all part of the sell, they can have their fantasy, no one is getting hurt but I am getting my sales and commision.

Shame of it is that so much of my income is going righr back out on more leather and boots. What was my husband's addiction has become mine.

But I love it !
jojojalo69 jojojalo69 41-45 15 Responses Oct 12, 2010

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It s a shame she hasn't been on here in a long time leather is awesome and I'm sure she is too but tried to add but it won't let me

We (I think I speak for any admirers) miss Your stories and presence on EP.

Love your style. Sounds amazing.

Leather just Leather nothing else. mostly I wear Leather Jackets pant and because I love to wear Leather Jackets

do you get wet in leather/

Lucky lady.

YOUR story is great leather has a way of control without people even knowing it , i would love to be added to your circle leather outfits turned my wife into a hot wife

I love leather as well. Ive now aquired over 200 pair of leather pants mostly gap brand in sizes 0-10. I have an addiction to collecting them. Now all I need is a beautiful girl who will enjoy wearing them for me and I will be set. Keep on buying leather especially pants. I would love to hear you info on the reaction of individuals of you wearing leather pants. I personally think there is nothing better than a confident woman wearing a pair of leather pants. The female body in leather is a true work of art!

Darling jojo, I did a study with myself & two very attractive ladies. We discovered men are hypnotized by black leather skintight unlined gloves of all lengths. But longer seemed to captivate even more.
Dressed head to toe in black leather with stiletto heeled boots & shoes wearing skintight unlined, black leather gloves made men foolish ,& overpowered them. Gloves mesmerized te dresses or outerwear stupified them. But the corset & black leather bra, garterbelt or waste cincher with garters really got them when it gets there.
Wearing an overcoat or trenchcoat of black leather really isn't fair. But I do it all the time as well.

that yes soudn like do better with sells wit you being in leather skirts or dress. That also with you in leather make you look more sexy

This is truly a remarkable story. I can't be the only reader who would want to meet the Author. You do seem to have turned your fondness of leather into a fetish. But it really also seems to be an extension of your personality. Very best regards and great admiration.

You sound like my kind of lady. Jojo you grew to like leather clothes and now use it to your advantage. Do you also own any leather gloves Jojo? They really get me going.

That is an amazing story and loved every word of it, amazing how it works in sales. Well done to you and your imaginitive ideas! Can I go with you on that cruise ship if you win national sales award? <br />
<br />
On the right woman leather is powerful and sexy. Hope you keep wearing and buying more leather.<br />
<br />
Would love to see your collection of leather, it would be like walking into a candy shop .

Sure wish there were more like you around my area. I tried to get my ex into liking leather and boots but she would have nothing to do with it. And she didn't approve of me wearing my leather and boots. Now I wear whenever and wherever I can

Hi. Being new to EP, delighted to see that there are so many "Leather Lovers". I could not agree more with all your comments. Wearing leather does project a powerful feeling of sexiness and raunchiness. You are quite right shadow513, this would make a good psychological study. It is mainstream now and freely accepted, whether you wish to look like a rock chick or Goddess. jojolalo69 - your comments are so true and i am pleased to see you are someone who has no inhibitions wearing leatherwear and that is part of your wardrobe - workwise and nightlife. I will keep this intro short for now and read you soon. Yes, it is very intoxicating in more ways than one !! Bye for now.