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I have many different pieces of leather that I wear. A jacket, pants, skirt and a corset. The leather corset is my favorite it is so tight and feels like I am being hugged all day. The pants are wonderful for the warmth and nothing is sexier than a leather skirt with stilleto heels.
josycd josycd 51-55, T 8 Responses Dec 26, 2011

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That sounds like a very sexy look. Would love to see.

Yup, nothing sexier than a tight leather skirt and heels!

I actually also have a pair of leather jeans which are fabulous. But, alas 20 pounds stands between me and them these days! But hope springeth eternal!

Can't go wrong with leather corsets. I have 7 so far.

Yes, leather is one of two material kinks I have. The scent, the form-fitting nature of it... I sometimes lace up a tight leather hood over my latex. Yum!

Wow. 7 of them! You must be one sexy lady!

Sounds sexy. Im a gay dom top into leather n skin gear. Working in gay bar i can ware either look for work

When I go out not in femme to a gay bar, I wear leather

sexy little *****..lovr ur lip round my ****

Your so virile and sexy who wouldn't

Yes indeed you would! I had the most fun of my life in grad school dancing with by buddies at the Gold Coast in Chicago. I remember the bartenders were the best looking guys in the place. I'll bet you are too.

Hi check out my pics ...ur c what im like. Basically i will shag anything as will my partner.

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nothing sexier than wearing a leather skirt, or looking at a womwn wearing a leather skirt.

Or getting into her leather skirt!

Both ways .

Yes indeed! By any chance do you also like latex fetish wear?

Yes I do but unfortunately my wife is allergic to latex, but we do enjoy pvc both transparent and lined. Mainly transparent pvc though. I wold love to wear a tight latex pencil skirt and have sex with the wife but i could wear one but not have sex with the wife.

You're a very lucky man to have a wife who is into the same things you are.

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omg, josy, you are reading my very twisted mind!!!!!! ( omfg!!!! )<br />
many huggs ,Lynn

love ya girl enjoy it

I love leather too. It's very sexual and sensual. I like leather and silk the best!