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The Little Girl In Me

I can remember when I was little clothing shopping with Mom, going through the racks of clothing looking for something shiny, something satin or leather. I couldn't have been more than 5 or 6 years old. My goal was to find that item that made me happy, then pull it off the rack and try it on below all the hanging clothes.

Sometimes I would have several items to play with, no one could see me under the racks of clothes in the store, I'm sure my Mom knew what i was up to but heck, I was quiet and she could shop without me bugging her.

I guess that set the stage for my love of all things shiny or leather.

Visiting relatives, I always played with the girls as there were't many boys, I can remember them dressing me up and playing house. And of corse I would try on whatever I could get, I remember this one pink shiny nylon jacket I really liked, I wore that thing allot.

I guess someting in my brain was fixed on leather when one day I saw these plastic pants at the clothing store, they were brown and I begged Mom to get them for me, of course they were Girls, she got them for me anyway. I wore those pants 24/7 until they wore out.

Since then, it has been one long quest to be a Woman dressed in leather/PVC/Vinyl. I STILL get super excited when I see some new clothing style..... out comes the cash to get it......sighs....
TheLeatherQueen TheLeatherQueen 36-40, T 4 Responses Jan 21, 2013

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