Led Zeppelin

Without a doubt, the greatest band ever. There's nothing else to be said.
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I never had the opportunity to bump fists, or high five, or even better hug over our mutual love of this band, They continue to rock my world, 35 years later. Its a little known fact, i was going to marry Jimmy Page. Lol

I feel outta place with you, being that Im 19 but Have tried to explain it to people like that, but no one seems to understand

kashmir is a masterpiece. I've listened to it more than 300 times over the years and it still moves me every time.

There is not another word to be said Led Zeppelin is the greatest band ever !! I loved the song Kashmir so much I had the word Kashmir tattooed on my back

Wow... you're making me climb .. a "Stairway to Heaven"... to "Ramble On"..about my "Whole Lotta Love" ..for this band. So listen up you "Heartbreaker"...and "Bring It On Home" cause Gingairogers is a little "Dazed and Confused" ..but she wants to "THank You" for reminding her of "Good Times ,The Bad Times"<br />
........and like you said "there's nothing else to be said"<br />
<br />

I see you understand

Uh Huh... Yep... you betcha..