Lego Collections.....old and New.

I had a good Lego Collection when I was younger. My younger brother and myself had various themes - Space, Castle, Town etc. I had always wanted a train for my collection but never got one.

Over the years from when our playing with Lego ended some has got lost, given away and ebayed away.

I was looking on Flickr one afternoon at a friends photos and wasting a bit of time and in one of his he had tagged Lego. So I looked up Lego and there were some brilliant collections and buildings/creations and it got me very interested. So about 5 weeks ago I found out some of my Lego that was left and have started up a new collection.

I have various ideas circulating in my head of some major building creations and am still trying to decide what to make. I need a hobby after giving up football this season for the first time in 20 odd years and this is quite easy and harmless. I have been on ebay buying up mini-figs at bargain prices. If they are ending soon at 99p with no bids then i'm in!!

I will re-write a story when I have more to say about what I have achieved. But just to say Lego is cool. I have been to the Legoland in Denmark and Windsor (twice) and hope to go again.

Thanks for reading.

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1 Response Mar 3, 2009

I recently took my daughter to Vancouver BC's Science World for her fifth birthday. Their newest display, which I didn't know about, was a lego village, complete with towers, running train, and running subway. I felt more nostalgic about it than my daughter did, I'm sure, since all we could do was stand and watch it. There was also a ski village, though it wasn't as big. What my daughter really liked was the race car, built out of lego, that kids could sit in and pretend to drive.<br />
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While growing up I collected some of the original Lego Space sets, like Galaxy Explorer, Transporter, Command Station, and Galactic Command Centre. I had a lot of the smaller ones as well, like Two-man Scooter, Tracking Station, Radar Truck, and so on. It grew quite big, and I'm glad to say I still have all of them, though the odd block is missing. Eventually I stopped getting them, I think around the time Space Robot came out. But I haven't forgotten how much fun I had with them all, and still would, I'm sure. <br />
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I currently don't have a space to keep them in, though. They remain disassembled in a large box in the top of my closet. My mom speculated that when my daughter gets old enough, maybe in a couple more years, she'll enjoy building those with me once again.<br />
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I've recently been to some Lego websites, like Brickyard. I'm absolutely blown away by all the sets that have come and gone in the lego space collection. I see so few of them now. I don't know if they've been supplanted by newer sets, like castles and so on, or if the new space lego sets just don't make it to Canada. I have a little fantasy in the back of my head, of building all of my sets again, in a big room dedicated just to Lego Space, and starting to collect again. It's nice to dream about, and to share the memories.