Death Star!

I want the Death Star from Star Wars! It's huge and it's hard to build I heard. But I want it!!!
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2 Responses Sep 13, 2007

i googled it and found it and in germany it costs 370 euros. ich guess it's about the same in dollar... well... forget it. ;) and thanks for the earth-death-star. :) highly appreciated.<br />
i love emperial starcrossers or what they might be called in english... and sure i like sci-fi. lost in space in nice.

*lol* .. i want a technical racer lego car .. a diddy one, i wouldnt mind a lifesize one of course hehehe.<br />
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yeah ! a death star would so be awesum ! :) im gonna google about it for pix :)<br />
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do u like the x and y wings from star wars as well ? ooh ! .. do u like sci fi movies ? .. like starship troopers ? and lost in space ?