I Luv Lego

i havent had lego for like ever ages ! .. i've been planning to get myself a huge lego set for one of these crismuses sum time .. hopefully .. this year :) either a green technical car thing, or the robotic programable ones. i wish the batman sets were a lot more technical, correct and excellenter, alas.

i luv the sound of the lego in a box or tub getting minced about while sumwuns lookin for a piece hehehehe :)

my sis n i used to have tuns of common lego pieces .. and tuns of boxes of em .. we used to reach the point of needing to splash the whole box out, and then it makes those splunkety sounds *YAY!* :)

and the annoying stepping on a lego piece ! .. a love hate thing hehehehe :) coz its jus so silly and funny .. painfully funny *LOL* .. wooooooh .. *memories*
cdwishimatgurlCalandraBelle cdwishimatgurlCalandraBelle
36-40, T
Sep 14, 2007