I Love Leonard Cohen

have you ever heard the version of if it be your will that antony sings during the tribute to leonard cohen's music? it touches me deeply...

i love the way leonard cohen brings his words to life... and i love the way he lyrically manifests his thoughts... and feelings in that rare poetic way...

i can relate to him... his humanity, his weaknesses... shortcomings.. strengths... and his love all come through... 

his beliefs... he is a rare kind of musician.. like patty smith... a poet.... a confessor .... and an artist...

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5 Responses Feb 14, 2010

I only got into him recently in life; last couple of years. My faves are Famous Blue Raincoat, Who By Fire (great live video of it on you tube!) and The Stranger Song (oh yes oh yes oh yes).<br />
<br />
His life/work as poet/songwriter/musician is very inspiring to me. Love his simple style and personality, as well.

the last album he made... how haunting.... <br />
i love leonard to his dying breath.. and <br />
i am happy to know someone else appreciates him<br />
as i do

I am taken by the inspired lyrics of "Hallelujah". Cohen agonized over the lyrics to point that <br />
<br />
he felt that the process might destroy him.<br />
<br />
I have heard several renditions, all are very good, including his own. The one I appreciate the <br />
<br />
most is the haunting version performed by Jeff Buckley on the "Grace" album.

lyrical poetry. this man is a genius <br />
famous blue rain coat brings me to tears.

I have leonard cohen music, he is a rare genius..and always touching, I didnt know anyone else felt lke this, glad I saw this group...also, Jan Arden, little known but her jazzy renditions, and bluesy sounds along with her voice are lovely.