Make Me Feel Like A Girl

The best thing about leotards is the way they keep everyting together and they are so girly.  A leotard is one piece oif womens clothing that may not always be sexy but it is 100% made for a woman.  They are great for dancing but can also be sexy, especially the thong styles and the ones that show cleavage.

I used to borrow my sisters leotards, she had a really nice red one with the buttons at the bottom.  It was really a bodysuit.
I have purchased a few leotards at the dance supply store, where the girls are always so nice.

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5 Responses Jul 11, 2010

Leotards were actually made for and named after a guy originally, did you ever know that? ;)

Leotards allow freedom of movement and yet still be covered. A leotard is great till you need bathroom when in one always pee before you get into it. Bodysuits are nice for bathroom access but they have flaw of being less strechy and being made of cheaper material so not as long lasting.

I do love leotard and bodysuit and always have a preference for the one that have some laces detail or ruffle. And the way they hug your body all around we can only like them.

To me, there is nothing sexier than a girl wearing a bodysuit or a leotard. They are so feminine and women looks so great in them. I especially like the ones that show a lot of a woman's hot!

Hi Teri, thanks for the comments - I can't say that girls are nice in every dance supply store. I think that girls who work in dance stores are usually cute with nice figures becuase they are dancers Due to their looks, they are probably very comfortable with themselves and others so they interact well with customers of all types. It is my experience that cute teen age girls are not threatend by transgendered people but fat teenage girls are.