They Are Just So Much Fun

I was really lucky to date a girl at college who did ballet, so had a large collection of leotards & tutu's etc. She knew I loved the feel of them, and we used to make love with her wearing them, but one day she offered me one of her old black leotards, long sleeved, gathered bust - WOW and I have never looked back.

From there my need for leotards and pretty dresses (well I had been dressing up for ever) grew & she was more than happy to help me as I was a far more considerate lover as a girl. She used to let me go shopping with her to the dancewear stores, and once whilst in Brighton she openly asked the sales girl if they had any pink lycra leotards in a size 5 or 6. The girl looked surprised as my gf was very small, but she looked up and simply said, oh it's for my sissy, he loves being a girl. I felt myself blush deeply, my face was so hot. The sales girl turned away & came back with 2 choices, and several black ones. my gf picked up the pink ones, gave them to me & asked if I could use the changing rooms. The sales girl said that company policy wouldn't allow it as I would have to keep my underwear on, at which my GF looked at me and checked, you have got your panties & tights on haven't you. I nodded in shock, but my gf said, well that's ok then let's get you changed.

The shop girl couldn't really object any more & before I knew it I was stood in the store in black tights, and this lovely shiny pink leotard.

What a day, what a life,

yes I'm one of the luckiest girls in the world :-)
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So lucky

Lucky girl!

Good for you. Its all just clothing really and who doesn't want to look or feel good? Enjoy and celebrate yourself, go for it!

What a great story! How did the leotards fit you AnitaJayne?

hi honey, most of them fitted surprisingly well. i am lucky in that i am quite small, and have boobs, so they looked almost as good as they felt :o)

I like your story, too. (I am SWM.) I have experienced helpful and supportive salesgirls in the dancewear stores when looking for long torso, sleeveless, nylon-lycra leotards. If you have the courage when you go shopping to wear a leotard into the store, then the sales girl usually seems to understand, and is usually helpful.<br />
One more thing, I was with my significant other (female), several years ago, before we were headed out to run errands on a warm summer day, when I asked her if I looked O.K wearing a tank leotard with a pair of jeans. She said I looked great, but, if you wear it, you have to OWN it. I try to remember that all the time when going out.

Sounds like you had a great girl friend!

I like to buy leotards for myself also, however I don't have a girlfriend to help me

Just own it and go get some on your own. I know it's hard the first time, I had the same hesitations, but I swallowed and did it. The first time I tried a leotard on in the store was so embarrassing, but I had promised myself that I was getting one that fit right.

I asked the sales clerk if they had what I was looking for, you know, style, fabric, color and so on. She asked if I was getting it for my wife (I was wearing my wedding ring) and I told her no, this was for me. I could feel my face flushing, but she told me not to be embarrassed. She said that there is really very little difference between men's and women's leotards, and that I should get what was the most comfortable to me. She showed me to the section of the store that had what I was after and pointed out the fitting rooms, telling me to take my time and find the best one for me.

She was so kind and genuine in her service, which made me more comfortable, and that is one of my favorite leotards because it fits so well. It's still sometimes a little hard to go in and get a new leotard, but I always admit that it's for me, and the clerks are almost always good about helping me. The one who wasn't lost my business for that store.

Don't let a silly thing like feeling embarrassed stop you from the joy of wearing the perfect leotard! They are one of the most comfortable things you can wear.

i really like your story, i wish i could have experienced that. i went to buy some leotards one day and the girl at the store was so helpfull, she didn't even look at me funny when i told them they were for me.