My Sister Caught Me In A Leotard

In an other story I told how I got a leotard out of the "lost&found box" in my school.
One afternoon, I thought that I was alone, I put it on for posing in front of a big mirror hanging in the hall of our house.
I was happy with that leotard.
It was a simply, round-necked school-leotard with 1/4 sleeves.
It seemed to be a little big for me, but it was so smooth and comfy that I loved it.
I was so busy in doing gymnastic poses so that I didn´t remark that the door of my sister was opened and she came out.
"Like a small deer!" I heard her saying.
Startled I looked at her.
Nobody ever had seen me in a leotard and now that!
Posing in front of the mirror.
I was startled and ashamed.
But ther was no reason for.
"Looks good" she continued.
"I never have seen a boy in a leotard, but it´s okay.
I like it".
Calmed down by those words I told her how I got that leotard and that I liked to wear leotards.
"No problem" she said
"Why shouldn´t you wear leotards. "
If you like you can get mines too."

I was too exited for that offer but everything was ok.
She didn´t tell it to others and so for long days it was our secret.

Some month and leotards later my mum acceptet my wearing leotards I got my sisters leotards too to wear off.

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I wish I Cain live with you

This is wonderful! I'd really like to add you, but can't....if it's ok....

You have a very understanding sister. Did she try to teach you gymnastic. Did you exercise together in leotards. Did you both try to do splits.

I think that my sister liked leotards.
But she wasn´t very sporty.
So gymnsatics for her (and me ) was only a duty in school.
And for that duty it was usual to wear leotards.
But she loved the leotards.
Some month ago I we was talking (I don´t know why) about leotards.
It was interresting to hear that she still (without doing gymnastics) had some leotards she liked to weare as underwear.
I asked her if she had some velvet ones too and she denied.
So I gave her some of my old-ones for wearing off.
So the times are changed now:
First I got her old leotards to wear off and now she got the mine.

Back to your question:
No, as far as I can remember we didn´t do gymnastics together.
So not splits.
It was only that my sister enjoyed to see me leotards and that later she was happy that her old leotards found "a good place" in my cupboard.

I Wish I Had A Cool Sister Like That. Did You Ever Wear Leotards OR Leotards & Tights, With Her Together??

Thanks for the comment!
Yes, it was great that my sister liked to see her "little brother" in leotards.
And- as I told - some time later I got the old leotards, she was grown out to wear off too.
She was happy than that that way her good old leotards was saved and not ripped to cloth.
All leotards I got from her I had to put on and show her how they are fitting and looking on me.
But it was only leotards.
I never had tights.

We would have all wanted to get caught wearing leotards and tights as boys if we had known our experience would be as encouraging as yours.

Hi slipemon,
Yes, it was really encouraging.
Maybe that experience confirmed to me that my wearing leotards was ok.
But not all catching me in leotards was so happy and not all members of my family does think like my sister to that time:
Once I wore a leotard at night and my mother came in to say good night.
She saw the black of the leotard on my shoulder, I was covered up and my mother was not amused.
"A boy don´t wear leotards!" she said and I had to put it out and the leotard was taken away.
Some days later I saw the leotard lying among other old clothes in the heatinrgoom.
But I had not the courage to save it.
So time by time I crept in the heatingroom looking if my leotard still was there.
In the summer there was no danger but one day I came back from school and the heating was on.
With a bad feeling I rushed in the heatingroom and as I feared to the leotard was missing.
Someone must have used it for lighting the fire !

It took - I think - one or two years (and some more leotards) until my mother at last accepted my wearing leotards...

Did you see any of my picture on Facebook.

No, but I´d like to see.
How can I manage it?