What do you guys think of my new gymnastics leotard? :)
Look at the cover image
kaotic9 kaotic9
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6 Responses Aug 23, 2014

Pretty cute! I'm not a big fan of black leotards, but it fits you great!
The colors aren't exactly amazing, but that's probably less to do with the leotard itself and more the low image quality. Looking forwards to more leotard pics! :)

not a fan of the stripe. Otherwise great.

super cute! =]

Fantastic! And great hair!

Thanks :) I only quickly threw my hair in a ponytail for the photo but I used the scrunchie I got with the leotard :)

It's very cute!

I'll do it better next time! Lol

Looking good now, have fun withthat!

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Very cute and sexy I love wearing leotards

wow, beautiful. I'd love to run my hands over your body ;)