The Book and the Musical.

i love the book by victor hugo. i read the whole thing (unabridged, thank you very much!). it's so evocative. except for the army parts. those were boring. but important at the time.

the musical i have completely memorized. i've seen it several times, and have the original soundtrack and the "best of" reunion concert thing on video.

i recommend them :)

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2 Responses Dec 12, 2007

Yeah, I read the book and while I adored the main plot line, the army descriptions and the long bits about French slang got a bit tiring. I mean, they added to the whole Les Mis experience but I just wanted to get on with the plot!<br />
And the muscial is fantastic. i've never seen it performed, but I have the soundtrack and love the songs. My favorite song is On My Own--though I ruined it when I sang it for a concert once--I don't have nearly as good a voice as the girl on the CD!

good point.