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I saw a concert version of Les Mis last night on TV. Many of my spare tween hours were spent listening to a tape of the show, to the point of knowing the entire thing by heart. Back then, Eponine was the one I loved and identified with. I sang her song “On My Own” a million times in my room and auditioned with it (twice, I think) for school plays. Even before seeing the actual show on Broadway, which I got to do in my early 20’s, Eponine’s pure unrequited love for the clueless dumbass Marius was something that was almost satisfying in its melancholy. Now that I think about it, the romanticizing of that pain may have shaped me in some fundamental way.
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I wouldn't call Marius a "clueless dumbass" (although very naive in some ways), but I definitely agree with your love for this song. I love this one. And the doe-eyed beauty who plays Eponine, whose character is particularly dear to me, delivers this number with so much heart she brought tears to my eyes. The lyrics are so vivid ("in the rain, the pavement shines like silver; all the lights are misty in the river"), I can PICTURE lights twinkling on the surface of the night-darkened river. What a magnificent song. And when she dies (A LITTLE OF FALL OF RAIN), it's like someone tears my heart right out of my chest ("you would live a hundred years, if I could show you how..."). I think more people have Eponine as their sentimental-favorite than any other character in the show. She is loyal to both Marius and Cosette even though her heart is breaking the entire time. A precious soul, to be the daughter of those two depraved monsters, the innkeeper and his heifer of a wife.
LOVE Eponine. Thank you, Fallflower, for your wonderful comments.

Thank you for *your* wonderful comments! You brought it all back for me brilliantly.

One of the most powerful shows I've ever seen. I've seen the "in concert" show also. I actually own it on VHS. I've seen the show live once before when I was living in St. Louis years ago. There's no way that show and all its music cannot touch Me emotionally and inspire Me spiritually.

It was better than Cats.

:P I've heard, as good as Cats may be, that most shows are better than Cats. lol Unfortunately, I've not had the joy of seeing Cats, but I know a bit about the show.

LOL I've had the joy of seeing Cats. I wasn't a cat person to begin with but that clinched it for me.


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