Great Story

I read the book in my fourth year of French class in high school.  Then my choir group took a trip to Broadway to see the musical the same year!  It was wonderful!  I loved it!  It is now my most favorite musical! 

Valentine Valentine
26-30, F
2 Responses Apr 13, 2008

LES MISERABLES is incomparable. One author of another "experience" regarding Les Mis (the novel) beautifully wrote, "if you want to become a better person, I entreat you, read Les Miserables." I couldn't agree more. This story, whether the book or the beautiful musical, is so very ennobling. A work of almost infinite merit.

U Got That Right..I Read The Book Again At My Young Age Of 70...And Recently Saw The 25th Anniversary Show On Public Broadcast..Nuthing Better!!