10th anniversary concert version or 25th anniversary concert version?

I say 25th, but I love them both.

.....Actually, I've become obsessed ^^"
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And I too loved the 25th Anniversary. The 1995 version will always remain dear to me, though. Ruthie Henshall as Fantine, and Lea (then) as Eponine forever cemented a place in my heart for that 1995 10th anniversary concert. But the 25th Anniversary was glorious, and I loved every last member of the cast without exception. I thought the new JAVERT was especially intense, a giant of a talent.

The casting was wonderful. It made me love Ramin Karimloo (Enjolras) and so I've watched other performances he was in and have grown to love those separate from him as well. And the lighting!! Sent chills through me

I am a former college Theatre Major and post-collegiate training Actor, and a more than 25 years long lover of LES MIS, and I have to say, I *adored* Nick Jonas's portrayal of Marius. As the poster below stated, he brought a gentleness, innocence, and naivete and idealistic mien to the role that other performers (with more powerful voices, but give him time, he'll grow) bring to the role. He started out on Broadway, as a child --- on Broadway, not in a Boy Band, but in LES MISERABLES as GAVROCHE. He's an incredibly talented young man, but needs some more vocal training to "free" his natural voice. Then he'll be FINE in these roles, vocally. His performance was charming. They picked a very nice young soul to PORTRAY a very nice young soul. I've grown in respect for him over the past couple of years. Diabetes runs in my family, and my relatives who developed it, did so late in life, and it STILL wreaked havoc on their lives. Nick developed Childhood-onset Diabetes, and that does not auger well for his future health, though I hope and pray for his sake that better treatments are rapidly developed. I like Nick, a lot, and I don't want to see anything bad happen to this fellow vis-a-vis his health. Childhood-onset Diabetes is especially horrific. I have friends who have childhood onset diabetes. One has had to have a series of injection treatments in the eyeballs, because due to the diabetes, recently her eyesight began to completely fail. They treated her just in time. Pray for Nick, he needs all the prayer support he can get. And I admire him immensely for how he's handled his illness: unlike many people (myself included) he doesn't yell and complain about it. He goes on with his craft and helps promote awareness of this illness and helps promote advances in treatment. Good for him!!

Personally I liked the !0th Anniversary better, 25th was good but Nick Jonas wasn't ready for the part of Marius and Javert in my opinion could have been better. But you are right they are both good.

I do agree about Nick but I like that as far a characterization goes, he made Marius seem more gentle and young than the most of the previous people playing him. I liked that because most of the other male characters are total bada*ses ahaha.

Is it just me or was "The Confrontation" kind of sloppy?