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Only saw this Movie & then the Musical in 2009 & it was by far the best I'd seen in 15-20 yrs. Victor Hugo's uncanny tale of mystery & suspense left me wondering how long could I sit and watch,the 3 hrs went so fast I couldve sat for 3 more intrigued by the plots & sub plots. Ultimately redemption was the true victor. I'd spent endless sundays deliberating about yet another hollywood stereotype blockbuster & its flagrant disregard for substance, poetic dialogue & Moral to share or debate over.
I'll never know why it took so long to see it, my family all saw it in London's west-end. I'd seen the other greats, Liam Neeson is a favorite & seeing he grew up 50 miles north of me in Ireland, I revere the man and what presence he brings.
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I was thinking of taking in the 2012 version with Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman, amongst others. I found out that they were actually recorded live singing while on set instead of dubbed and lip synch during their performances. Should be interesting. Hm, who else is in it...? Let me see there's Helen Bonham Carter, Anne Hathaway [curious to see her in it-I do like her and if memory serves, she has her hair cut on screen scarcely longer than a crew cut really.] Oh and Sacha Baron Cohen and that girl ...her name escapes me. Blonde. Amanda Seyfried. At any rate, all star cast, apparently, not that it stands to reason because of that it would be great-I am still going to see it. I have to know.