I Adore Les Miserables

I had the great honor of first hearing this musical on LP record over 27 years ago and
immediately began to fall in love with LES MISERABLES. I've seen it live, as well as the 10th Anniversary AND 25th Anniversary Productions. I love both anniversary productions.
I honestly don't know which cast is better/more effective, they are both wonderful.
I loved RUTHIE HENSHALL'S FANTINE from 1995 and Lea Salonga as Eponine in 1995.
In 2010's concert, LEA is Fantine and another wonderful young lady is Eponine, a doe-eyed beauty in a lovely performance.
Michael Ball has a much richer and fuller voice than Nick Jonas, but I adored
Nick Jonas as Marius -- Marius is supposed to be very, very young, naive, innocent, and idealistic. Michael in 1995, though fantastic, was too old to be believed as a character who was still practically a kid. Nick did a beautiful little performance. I've never been a fan of
"The Jonas Brothers," but Nick has been in this show before, on Broadway as a child,
as little Gavroche/Gervais, as well as Marius in the West End in the months leading up to the 25th Anniversary concert. I found him charming in the role. The new Cosette (adult) was beautiful. Alfie was simply amazing as Jean Valjean, but then so was Colm Wilkinson in 1995. 1995's Javert, was powerful, but the new Javert from 2010 blew my mind, what a gigantic talent.
I'm a man, and I'm not ashamed to admit that LES MIS has always made me sob. Several times during the play: the songs are so beautiful, the lyrics so poetic and picturesque that I cannot see how anybody can fail to have their heart torn out by this magnificent musical.
It is simply incomparable.
I *adore* LES MISERABLES, and always will.
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My thank you and "response", by the way, were to the person who rated my original story "up!". That was very kind of you. Thanks again.

Thank you. If I were to go into detail about how much I love this theatre piece, it would make tears come to my eyes. I'm a "theatre" person, trained in acting, and there are many plays and musicals I thoroughly enjoy. But NOTHING compares to LES MIS. This play is about Mercy triumphing over Strict Justice, about kindness, reverence, AGAPE. It is the most beautiful musical play in the history of the theatre, and I cannot comprehend how any future musical could ever surpass it in sheer beauty and tenderness. It's the best.