Les Miserable

Okay, I can hands down say that I love Les Miserable.
And in this case, a 15 year old getting so obsessed with this musical or any musical in particular is not really consider 'cool'. So I generally keep my Les Mis Loving on the low down at school (except from the 2 people i know that also love it) but now I have found this site, I can talk about Les Miserable till my hearts content, without being judged:)
So, I saw Les Miserable last year for the first time, and honestly, it was the best 3 hours of my life, i literally cannot describe the way it toyed with my emotions. When I saw it, i didn't know all that much about it, i knew the basic plot, but i found myself getting confused at parts. But now I know pretty much the whole of Les Mis inside out, i've decided to see it again, In January,I'm beyond excited:)
Every song has such a deep meaning, the lyrics are just incredible.
Every night I literally sing the whole of Les Mis to myself, and I am partial to acting out a little fall of rain to myself, yes I have no life, but i'm cool with that;)
So, I am looking forward to talking to other to other dedicated Les Miserable fans:)
Thanks for reading this.
aheartfulloflove aheartfulloflove
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1 Response Nov 26, 2012

I'm 13 and I love Les Miserables too. In fact, the other night I found myself singing On My Own as I walked home in the snow and barely even realized it. I sang I Dreamed A Dream, Heart Full of Love and On My Own for the talent show and got a standing ovation.

I wish i had confidence like you, my biggest dream is to perform as eponine in a show, but because of lack of confidence and insecurities, i doubt that'll happen.