I Hate Les Miserables And I Have A Good Reason.

It's French and I don't hate things but France is annoying.

People think art is all french
People say english is frenceh
People say french is the language of love
I like french and might learn some more of it
I might even live there someday
I might build a monument there
I might sell some art to a french person

I still don't like it and you won't and I won't change my mind and also

I don't like Spain and it's not because of things like that it's because of the Tango or dances from there or whatever and I met a spanish girl once and she looked like someone with like I have no idea but it was really unpleasant and polish people too. Mainly French humans

No just humans, why do we have to be so rude all the time to each other and why do people care if someones rude to them WHY DO PEOPLE CARE TO SAY WHY DO PEOPLE CARE, I know why and maybe I don't care to tell you.

lol I don't hate anything unless it's some old thing that people say is great even though it's not that great and even though I'm just STUPID

Disregard everything I have written above this line.

lol well most of it it was just me thinking aloud if you didn't realize.
I never do it like that unless it's a question/peptalk/what I said that might not sound as 'racist' as you think or I might think as I am not you.

Everyone is ignorant.
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Go outside and play.

Go outside and play - You. I have things to do.


Bonjour! Lol I don't care it's the past.

If you hate me for some reason then read the last line.