It Saved Me

I used to think I was a cold, unfeeling person. I has no interest in anything. I was not good enough, never ever enough. Until I heard One Day More. I sobbed for 3 consecutive hours, laughing and singing along. It was so beautiful. I've seen the musical 8 times, can recite every line and sing every song. I tell people at school to call me Eponine, and think of every crush I've ever had as Marius. It's my dream to be Cosette or Eponine on Broadway, or possibly the first female Enjolras!!! Les Mis saved me from my rut of dark, boring slump. Now, I sing I Dreamed A Dream at the top of my lungs and feel empowered and amazingly alive. A Heart Full Of Love is what I want to be my wedding song, One Day More is set on loop on my iPod every day, and you will find me singing Castle on A Cloud when my mother forces me to sweep up the floor. I had the biggest smile on my face when I saw the movie, and could hardly breathe in my excitement. Les Miserables is the best thing in the world. 💘
Itsabbybaybe Itsabbybaybe
18-21, F
Jan 19, 2013