My first thought: Russell Crowe as Javert?
Wasnt the best I've heard but didn't suck either. Color me surprised.

In all fairness, my first exposure to Les Mis was the dream cast concert with Colm Willinson as Val Jean and Phillip Quast as Javert. As any show fan knows they will forever be my image of the main characters.
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Russel crowes singing was just in a different style than everyone elses, which is why it sounded completely out of place. He isnt a bad singer he is just miscast

It wasn't powerful enough to be jalvert when I saw les miserables ( a friend of mine was pronouncing it the stupid and said it was Spanish cause he saw I've been reading the book) jalvert's voice shook the whole building russel's voice couldn't shake a sippy cup

True. Which is why i maintain he was horribly miscast.

I agree some people say he ruined the movie NO THE **** HE DIDNT ALTHOUGH HE DID HURT THE MOVIE WITH HIS HORRIBLE SINGING

That should be Colm Wilkinson... Color me embarrassed

You do know that the bishop in the movie was colm wilkinson right