Kyss Mig (2011) - A Swedish Lesbian Movie

I just finished watching Kyss Mig and it was a good movie. I had a hard time finding the English subtitle but it's really worth it.  

It's a story about an engaged woman (Mia) who accidentally fell in love with her father's fiancee's daughter (Frida). Watch it and you'll find yourselves falling in love again. Well, it's for you to find out the ending.. LOVE or HATE?? (: 

Tell me about it when you see the movie.

All in all, I'd rate it 8 out of 10. It's a must-watch film! :)))))
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6 Responses May 6, 2012

Love this movie!!!!!

Watched that n enjoyed it very much too. Doesn't matter whom we love as long as we are able to venture t journey w them n b a better person

This movie turned out to be good. Frida is very beautiful, her blue smiling eyes.. wow. The plot is quite ordinary but still it's worth seeing.
By the way saving face is really cool too. I should say it's even better because of this Chinese culture topic. And these Chinese women are so beautiful! Omg.

wow..the movie was amazing..after reading your story i looked for it right away and enjoyed watching it..the love scenes are very much also love the soundtracks..thanks so much for this..:)

no problem. :) try watching saving face and the gymnast. :)

Yea. If you wanna watch it already, you can download it using utorrent.. It's faster. :) Tell me about it when you see it.

You have piqued my curiosity. It is available on Netflix (in the US) under the title "With Every Heartbeat." (It will take a long time to get to it; my husband and I have about sixty titles in our Netflix queue waiting for us to get around to them -- and we usually only watch one or two a week.)