Any Suggestions?

I recently came out so im not sure what movies there are. Does anyone have suggestions for a good romance movie? The only ones I've seen so far are Yes or No and i forget the other one.
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I feel debs was a really nice movie cause it was a good story with love that is not focused on sex

The incredibly true adventures of two girls in love, my summer of love, fingersmith, tipping the velvet, loving annabelle, elena undone, you and I (tatu based film, kind of crappy but goodish), bandaged, the book club. my list is endless and you can find most of these on YouTube if you look

I Can't Think Straight

My Favorite Is Imagine me And You. Great Movie. not too Lusty =]

Have you seen BLACK SWAN?

"Pepa and Silvia"

Personally, I wouldn't think you'd likely find any in that genre at the First Evangelical Bible-Thumpin' and A Jumpin' Church of Our Lord and Savior Revival Film Festival... no matter how inviting their posters looked!

Seriously though, if you want to get a feel for something really romantic along those lines.. (even though it's not a movie) may I suggest some of the video on Ellen and her beautiful bride Portia's (did I spell that right) wedding. Some was on YouTube, and included the Oprah's coverage.

I'm as straight as you can get... but I was touched by the beautiful ceremony and the preparations. Maybe it's not exactly what you are looking for, but I hope you find it. Romance is Great, but it's super imperative that it be with the right person.

Right now I think I found mine, and I sincerely hope you find yours some day.

Best Wishes.