My First Time. What An Amazing Night!!

Well the first time I had sex with another girl was absolutely AMAZING. We had been together for about a year and had already done many sexual things. I can remember the first time that she kissed me. It was the most passionate kiss that I’ve ever had with someone, even to this day nothing can compete. She was my first girlfriend and I had never kissed a girl before so I was nervous but once we started I could have kissed her forever. I loved the way her tongue ring felt against my tongue. I can also remember the first she stuck her fingers in me. I was still a virgin so I was really tight. She stuck one finger inside of me first and it felt so great. She started to move it in and out of my ***** and I was practically begging her to put another one in. She laid me back on the bed and spread my legs wider then slipped another finger in. She put her palm facing up and bent her fingers and hit my G spot just right. I screamed out in pleasure.

As our relationship went on we did more and more such as eating each other and stuff. We were having a great time and had a bunch of sex toys but still wanted more out of the relationship. On day I decided to ask her if we could get a strap-on. She thought it was a great idea and said yes. I stayed at home while she went to the store. The anticipation was crazy. I could not wait for her to get back to show me what she got. I wanted to go with her to the store but she wouldn’t let me…When she finally got home I saw the paper bag in her hand. I just wanted to grab it and look inside of it so badly. She walked up to me and gave me a kiss and then walked into our bedroom. I followed her into the room hoping that I would finally be able to see but then she just took the bag and put in inside of the closet. I gave her a sad look. She just looked at me and said she was going to the grocery store to buy something to make for dinner and that she wanted me to clean while she was gone. Then she said “and you better not look in the bag. If you do I will take it back to the store”. I gave her a pleading look but she just told me to be a good girl. I said yes ma`am and then she gave me a kiss and left.

When she got back from the store we continued with our normal routine. We ate dinner then cuddled on the couch and watched a movie. When the movie was over she brought me into the bedroom. She told me to get naked and lay on the bed. I did what she said as she walked into the walk in closet. When she came out she was wearing nothing but the strap-on *****. I think I started dripping wet the second I saw it. She looked so beautiful standing there. She got on the bed and kissed me passionately. Then she fingered me until I was soaking wet. She told me to lay down and open my legs and relax as much as I could. I was a bit nervous because it was my first time and it was a big thick 8 inch ****. She started to push it in and I tensed up in pain. She just kept kissing me and sucking on my boobs and telling me to relax. I let out a loud moan when the whole thing was finally in. She began **** me slowly until the pain went away more. Then I started begging her to **** me faster. She told me to get up on my hand and knees. When I did she slammed the **** back into me. I screamed as she began slamming her body against mine. After a few minutes I was having the most amazing ****** ever. She began to slow down as I caught my breath. I fell down on my stomach and she fell down next to me. I rolled over and kissed her and told her how thankful I was. She wrapped her arms around me and we fell asleep together. What an amazing night!!
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Sounds like such a hot first time, I've only done passionate making out and *** ******* ... would love to get more intimate. :)

Thanks for sharing. So wet now. I too lost my virginity to a girl. I was 13. My BFF who is still my BFF and only true love lesbian lover I've ever had. It was with her moms vibrator. That may sound gross but it's not like we could go buy our own at that age. It took a long time to get it all the way in but she just kept kissing me and working it until I was completely filled with it and then started stroking me with it. What an amazing and powerful ******! She was two years younger than me and less developed so her turn would had to wait about another year. I'm so happy it happened with her and not some 30 seconds and he's done teen boy. Strap ons would have to wait until much later until able legally buy one.

I remember my gf having a strap on! It sounds pretty hot

So hot

U still with the girl

Sounds amazing I'd love to try with a strap on so ******* sexy! ;)

Wow that sounds like a sexy first time!

Wow. I'm straight but zip completely understand. Have a happy life :)

I really want to do this... I'm allowing for the excitement to build more and more until I burst! Amazing story! X

any lesbians wanna talk?

hey ;)

It must be quite nice and a lot more hygienic for a young woman to be deflowered by a more experienced woman. Plus for the deflowerer it must be so lovely to have the blood of virginity on the ***** and on her fingers...a deep feeling of closeness between women.


I really wanna have lesbian sex, it seems more fun than normal sex

have you done it to know?

so sexy!! I want to try that, but I've never had any kind of experience with another woman other than kissing girls at college parties

what has stopped you from trying it?

It must have been so great for her to tear your hymen and make you a full woman as she heard you scream and your tight little vagina was full for the first time...

i like to talk about sex with women

That was super sexy!

plz talk with me

I would love thar! I am havin gan orgasam just thinking of it!

I am 33 years old and have always liked other women more than men. My marriage I didn't get much satisfaction from my husband and he was disatissfied and it it just didn't work. I've recently met a lovely woman who says she is bi-sex and also says she is into ******** her men friends at parties. I've had sex with her a few times but so far we have only kissed and tongued, and licked and rubbed.
Now she says she wants me to allow her to to use her strap on ...she says she really enjoys using it to **** women as well as men and really wants to love me. She says she really enjoys ******* with it but i don't understand how the strap-on can give her more pleasure than other ways but she says it is much better for her than other kinds of making love. she even tells me she **** and she would come at the same time as she makes me ***- that possible? I haven't said yes just yet...really, I'm afraid I might disappoint her and not like it and that could spoil our growing relationship.-she says she wants to use it both ways as both ways are great for her and would be great for me too.
She says I might even want to try using one for myself but I dont want to do that just yet -I don't think she is really very fem well not for me anyway. I like her to be the srong one.
I will probably say yes and allow her to **** me with it strapped on..I confess I am a wee bit excited about it happ[ening I get a feeling in my tummy and I go weak when i think of it her doing it to me as I want please her too> Can anyone please tell me about the feelings when a strap on is used? Is it really *******? Does it give real pleasure Please shre any experiences you like ...I m only half out so far.

nice story. Now id like the same :))

lovely story love it :)

Fabulous sweetie<br />
Hugs<br />

Great first time story... Thank you for sharing

so awesome~!!

so what lies ahead for you two?

unfortunately we are no longer together

do you think it was the sex? sometimes when girls do this with their friends, things get weird after that. after all, if it was the first time for real, maybe that's what did it? what do you think?

well i can understand what ur saying here.
i thought i was the only one who lost her girlfriend to a guy

no i dont think it was the sex...she just didnt love me like i loved her

is that what she said?


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WOW :)

Nice one ;) Wouldn't mind a night like that hehe

have you had a night like that before?

Don't you just love suprizes like that? Nothing like a good ramming to help put you and yours to a good nights sleep.

C it's good you had fun<br />
O<br />
O<br />

C it's good you had fun<br />
O<br />
O<br />