....soon To Have My First Lesbian Love Experience

The truth is , Im'  only 17 but I had to change my age in order to join the group.  Well although I have no sexual experience nor have I ever kissed a girl; I think lesbian sex Is one of the most beautiful things in the world, but my mom is more beautiful though lol. However I know that when I do find that special girl, I know that I will love lesbian sex.  I mean like come on, whats more amazing than making love to a women.  I think the reason why I know that I'll love lesbian sex is because a women no what a woman wants; which is to be wanted, listened to, loved. With that being said, I don't think my first lesbian experience will be good, I no that it will Amazing. Wish me luck guys :) !
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hi im 18 and i have done it once before she cheated on me after though but wish you good luck (the best part is having your **** licked it feels like the best thing in the world) hope all goes well xxxxxxxxxx

wish you all luck. Please share ur story after this

Lots and lots of the best luck!

Fabulous sweetie<br />
Hugs<br />

thank u :)()

Go for it gurl. There is nothing in this world like having the soft gentle knowing touch of another woman. Take your time explore and enjoy eachother's bodies and sensual needs. I personally like lots of kissing and long slow passionate lovemaking. It will come naturally but you still must communicate and share your desires to completly satisfy her and she will return them in kind. Wish you all the love and pleasure you can have britzx..

Thank you :)))

Okay Stephanie :) ! Thanks a million. :D

Good luck. You are right in that women know what women want and need. I remember my first time and have never looked back. If you want go and read my stories and let me know what you think. Then if you feel like friending then by all means lets hook up (online that is). xx Stephanie