Tornado Tongue

Its always so FUN to have sex with a girl, i am 24 and i always had fantasies with girls, having sex with a guy can get boring BUT a girrrrl a girrrrrl ahhhh, her soft hands and soft lips. So amazing, i meet this girl and i honestly think i am in love, she knows my vagina so well,

One night i had a sleep over and all my friends slept over, we got a little tipsy, while everyone else was watching tv and playing games my friend and i were in my room she started kissing me,my vagina was wet already mmmm! I couldnt believe what was happening but she spread my legs and started sucking and kissing my vagina, my **** felt so good. Her mouth its so soft! I didnt want to *** in her mouth yet but i couldnt hold it, she was licking me with so much passion i couldnt stop moaning, this was our little secret no one knew about it ;) it was so intenseeeeee!!!!

It felt soooooooo good to *** and have all my juices in her mouth! Shes the best when it comes to sucking, she made me say her name, my vagina its going crazy right now, i cant wait to see her later on so i can open my legs again to her wonderful sweet mouth ;)!! I loveeee girls!!!!
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22-25, F
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Keep on enjoying yourself, but don't forget that turnaround is fair play...

I am so glad for you and your experience but I must ask, have you licked her to ****** and experienced her lady juices on your tastebuds ..... if not then you don't really know what you are missing. Lets just say when a girl **** in your mouth its enough to make yourself go over the edge with the taste alone along with the fact you pleased your partner.