Stop Drinking, B**ch ;*

Last year in summer my best friend Jasmin and I were at a friend's house. We were drinking and had a lot of fun. At night we, 3 drunk girls, went to her room and laid in her bed. A little later we started kissing each other and then Becca, our host, started touching me. Like I said, we were 3 drunk bisexual girls. I put my hand in Becca's pants and things went on. We kissed, fingered and licked each other for .. I don't know how long. Somewhen we fell asleep.
In the morning, I was the first one to wake up. Becca was next. She felt horrible. She looked at me and said: 'This .. never happened ! Tell Jasmin.' then she went upstairs.
Now she denies everything, even the kisses she gave me when a lot of people had seen us. You see, better don't say you're bi if you're not and don't drink too much ;)
ChrizGuillotine ChrizGuillotine
18-21, F
Dec 9, 2012