Meeting Her.

Before reading this I wanted to say that its just fun. Your negativity is not needed here.

I enter the hotel room with my large duffle bag knowing she wouldn't arrive for another couple of hours.

Getting everything ready and in place before she comes - - - my EP friend for more than a year.

We’ve chatted, we’ve played, she’s listened patiently to me during my moods up and down; I’ve helped her the few times she’s revealed things deep that have hurt her. We’ve touched, smelled, listened and tasted each other. All online.

She’s a few years older than me, more settled in at this time in our lives and is getting married in a few months. On-line, though, with each other, we are both different persons.

Now it would be the first time in the flesh. She lives in the southeast; me in the west. A hotel room in Fort Lauderdale, not too far from her client in Miami Beach and a short taxi ride for me to the cruise ship tomorrow and my trip to the Caribbean.

The moment came, a knock on the door. I open the door to let her in and I was already in my lingerie. As I did so I watched her eyes scan me up and down with lust in her eyes and in the corner of her smile. Looking stunning herself, I smiled back.

Grabbing her hand and bringing her in, I wrap my arms around her to bring her close, I kiss her with pure passion, a kiss we have both been waiting for for some time now. You could see her glow from her confidence and the way she presents herself.

I knew tonight would be unforgettable.

I had laid out a outfit for her to change in. " Get into this while I make us some drinks," I command softly. I turned and made no conversation with her as she dresses behind me. As I got done mixing the drinks I turned around with drink in hand.

She's wearing the sexy black and red corset that shows her breasts and then a tight garter belt clipped to her black stockings and sexy red heels.

**** exposed.

I can't help but smile at her. I handed her the drink. "It’s Peach Cobbler, sweet but has heat that will blood boil. Just like you and I." We both take the shot and set the cups down I hold her hands tight.

"Let's begin my pet". I grab my leather bands and buckle them around her limbs and a collar around her neck. I notice the excitement in her eyes, the curiosity, and the desire. I grab her and kiss her hard, my hands pawing at her backside, keeping her close.

Pushing her down on the bed, I reach under the bed to pull out chains that I connected to bedframe below. Chaining her up, now helpless. I see her submission to me in her eyes. So ready and wanton. I hover over her body and lick her cheek down to her lips.

Kissing her deeply with passion and force. Hot sexy kisses, she sucked on my tongue aggressively and eagerly. My hands sliding down to her inner thighs, slapping her thighs as I get closer to her **** then sliding my fingertip to sooth her tingling flesh.

Hearing her little whimper triggers my lust. "Not one peep, you must be silent. Unless spoken to. Nod if you understand."

She nods as I then slap her ****, her **** pulsing as I do so repeatedly. She bites her lip trying so hard not to make a sound, her breathing very heavy. I lean down and bite her boobs, close to her nipples. Her back arching, wanting more. My hand wet just from slapping her ****. I slide two of my fingers inside her dripping *****.

I command, "tell me you want of me pet.”

"P-p-please **** me."

I bite her nipple, "**** your what?"

She moans involuntary.

"P-please **** my **** mistress." Her breaths short with excitement.

"**** my dirty ****, Mistress."

"Very good my pet."

I begin ******* her hard and deep with two of my fingers. In , out, slap! In, out, in, out, slap! ******* her aggressively and slapping her **** at random. Watching her body spasm and wanton for more. I nibble harder on her nipples, her body tense and wild as she shakes in her bondage. Not slowing down as she tries to control her whimpers and moans. I add two more fingers, ******* her **** deep.

"Tell me you want my fist deep inside of you like the dirty girl you are!"

She looks into my eyes intently, making sure there's is perfect communication.

“Please f-f-f-fist my dirty ****, mistress!"

I smile big from her devotion and submission to me. I kiss her passionately . Then positioning myself between her legs looking down at her. I begin to work my fist slowly into her tight ****. Her body trembling as I got deeper and deeper until my entire hand was gone. "So warm and tight my pet. You are now allowed to make as much noise as you'd like but you must ask for my permission to ***."

"Yes mistress.”

I begin pounding my fist inside of her dripping wet *****. Moaning and whimpering uncontrollably, writhing and squirming. Hard, deep thrusts banging her wildly, pawing at her breasts with my other hand and pinching her nipples. I see her body tighten and her **** spasm all around my fist and toes curled.


Deep down I knew she wouldn't be able to hold out much longer. "yes my pet, *** for me." I keep fist ******* her and pinching her nipples aggressively. Violent waves rock her body and I knew it was time. I began tightening my fist then relaxing it. Her whimpers turned into groans and yelps. I feel her explode and squirt all over my arm and her stockings, trying to close her legs from how extreme her ****** was.

Yes, that’s a pretty thing about her. Her moans are loud and sweet and push me to do more. She is orgasmic. She is very wet. She rewards me with very wet *******.

I slowly pull out as she releases my fist from her tight *****, her body still twitching, still a very sensitive nerve covered with sweat and juices. I move over her and smear her juices all over her nipples, her cheek and lips and then on my lips.

"Very good my pet, you have made me very happy.

"Licking her juices off her face and kisses her lips passionately.

I knew meeting her would be unforgettable.

"And now - - - my purple strap-on."

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was this fantasy or did it happen

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most women are straight not bisexual. you are an ugly fat ****.

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