Loving Lesbian Tomboys(studs)

I actually didn't favor studs when dealing with women cause i figured they was just girls trying to be boys, that "opinion" changed when i met my sweetheart who happens to be a lesbian tomboy aka a stud. She has soft featuresĀ  just like me smells good just like me only thing was she only likes to give but not recieve which was very tough for me cause the best part about being a lesbian is actually "tasting:)" another women so it was quite hard in the beginning but now i find it sexy they way she can turn me on without touching me with just a look, or da fact that she actually gets off from seeing me pleased it really is a thrill:) What i am getting to is don't be afraid to venture outside of what you would normally do because you never know how you may like it until you try it i meanĀ  i know i did:)
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1 Response May 20, 2011

I agree I've been with 1 woman. And she was a stud and that's my choice of a woman I love the softness the eager to please me the way she felt her smell her faded up hair cut weaves.how she use to protect me!in need of stud friends