Tomboys, Life Changing

I was always curious about girls but I was very much a girl who wanted to get down with a guy. I was open to exploring all avenues sex had to offer me, whatever my boyfriends wanted to try, didn't care, I was down. I had a boyfriend who was sweet and gave it to me daily an he loves going down on me, never stopping til I came all over his face, I was happy. And then I met this girl. This girl dressed like a boy and had her hair faded and it worked so well with her black and white DC fitted hat. She looked like a sexy *** skater boy. But her eyeliner made her eyes pop and you couldn't resist but being drawn to her juicy lips. Wait, what?! This girl had my heart raising and she looked at me like she wanted to eat me right up. I went out for a drink with her, she pulled out all the stops like a man would traditionally do. Better than any man had done me and when she put her hand on my thigh I felt tingles shoot straight up my body and then a familiar warmth I had only known with a man, only this was accompanied by an overwhelming throbbing that I couldn't deny. Two years later...I'm watching her sleep, naked and beautiful, in my bed.
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4 Responses May 15, 2012

In the end, this terrible faker, has suspended his profile.... After the biggest rumble of fake stories in history... lol

have you ever read a book on how to have a loving committed relationship ?

what are the behaviours of your opinion ?

so ....has the lust you experienced turned into love ?