I Am So Tired

I dont know if u ever had this feeling that u cant hear that certain someone's voice ? everytime they talk u just want to smack them upside their head so they can shut up....my Girl's daughter in law gets on my MF nerves i cant stand her ....but i dont know why people dont see what i see ....she is a blood sucking leach ...i just cant keep cohabitating with her a grown *** woman and WE have to support her *** and her son he is 30 yrs old and she is 34 and we have to Support them **** im tired i cant do this i love my girl with all my heart but i got a son he is 10 he needs his own room ....my girl pays the rent i pay the bills (ALL THE BILLS) and we have split things down the middle sort of speaking and i buy the groceries i just down know what else to do i have told her that they are grown they need to move and get their own place and get the **** out of our home ...the girl dont do nothing around the house all she does is grunt all day im like wtf they have a 10 month old baby all she does is cry all day long ...i even started seeing a Therapist cause i been getting anxiety attacks and panics attacks i feel like everything is closing down on me and i dont know if she realizes how much this is affecting me (And is not cause i havent told her) cause i have express how i feel her son works he gets paid every week 400.00 every week off the books do u think he has the decency to say here mom for the bills or here mom just cause ....HA !!!!!!!! thats a joke that Mofo smokes that **** and drinks every single penny im like why why why i just cant please i need some advice .....maybe i already know the answer i just may need it to hear it from someone else :-( and im a hell of a good woman me personally i think (Or Know) im not being treated with respect and like the queen i am and i want to be loved the right way and i want to be treated like the queen i am *Sighs* i guess i need to wake up from this dream im living in :-/
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1 Response Oct 11, 2012

Wow it's been a year for you. I'm new to EP and your story really touched me. If your situation hasn't change much here's a little advice. Take care of you stop depending on someone else to make you number 1. You have a son he's what matters the most to you.