A Muscular Lesbian Tomboy, Attracts Me

It's about the kind of person that is very masculine in a female body.
More often assigned with butch, then with tomboy, but tomboy refers more to behaviour, activities and interrsts, while butch refers more to the "being" as such, like the manly appearance, the muscular appearance most often as well. A crossover between the two can by the outspoken joy in being strong-muscular-active , "being" + "acting" in one.
I long most of all to this outspoken muscular kind of woman, who can secure her sound confidence in the possession of real muscular strenght, completely different from most woman, who have those insecure reflexes due to being weak. Insecure reflexes, very often distort the personality. It's one of the reasons why I avoid all weak women. I am unable to connect with them.  

My problem is, that among hetero woman, the butch-tomboy attitude is only available with a futile % (at least, where I live) , while with the lesbian / bi woman , it is a considerable part of that community. 
Because I'm asexual, I've never had a problem to befriend a lesbian woman, given the knowlegde: "just sound buddies, no sexrelation".  It seems to work, sometimes. Just not met a real solid-buff muscular lesbian friend, until now. But I would ADORE to get aquaintance, one day.....  
Just a link to one picture, so that the illustration of what type of woman I mean, would speak for itself :


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I am a muscular lesbian tomboy but very shy and nervous. People underestimate me because of my height but if I was in a relationship I would at all costs protect my girlfriend haha. No one wants to see the angry side of me I dent walls :P I am 18 but look like 14 which is annoying so everyone thinks I am soft but deep down inside I am confident and protective