ToMBoy & Love Tomboys

hey all, I'm a soft tomboy lesbian.  I'm proud to be who I am .


I also love other ToMboys or butch women

and this is  a problem for me

our culture for lez in my country is that a butch love a lady (femme lez)

so i look like a strange lez

 I love all woman But i like more a butch

I'm 20 and single, but am looking for the right woman that can make me happy and me make her happy

i'm looking for my love

my angel


So any single butches out here wanna chat with me hit me up at my email

tomboy-lesbian         at windowslive    .    com

TomboyKuwaity TomboyKuwaity
10 Responses Jan 11, 2009

Interesting. What is the situation in general, for lesbian woman, in your country?

am lesbian and tomboy searching for the imperfect or perfect woman that would love me for me and stand by me even the world turns against us,if imperfect am gonna turn her to perfect to perfect my choice.

Entii Fl Kwait ?

I am!! *raises hand* I'm just taken.. but idt I've ever looked at a stud like that... or a tomboy lesbian.. idk.. I jus seen em as really close friends I think..

im sort of the same, i tend to prefer girls who are either tomboy or butch but not too butch when it comes to their personalities because - firstly, if they are too butch then they are likely to prefer femme women, im afraid, and secondly i find that very butch girls can be cocky or patronizing or well, you know, some power issues can arise, so to say, in the dynamics of the relationship.

Im 19 and a lesbian too. I'm really short and that's a problem for me since I hate being treated like a kid. Good luck on your search for love hun. just don't forget to love the person before their style

true, religion can really hinder our lez relationships. that's why i'm planning to convert and move to canada or japan.

i agree with a lez but is not legal in my country thats am also playing to go where all be free

hey!! am also a lesbian tomboy,but not too my country its not legal yet but the dyke community is also 20,single but am not searching 4 a relationship i just want a friend who i can chat with.

hey you got 22yrs and a tomboy

good kuck to you1

good kuck to you1