I don't kno wat to do I love her so much! There's this girl at work I'm really in to her but she doesn't even kno that am there probably she saw me everyday but I'm so nervous to tell her what would I do? It's hurts seeing her talkin to others I have been around her bout 5 months now but we never say not even a single word! Can someone tell me wat to do?? Should I let it go or just go ahead and try???
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go ahead and try. she might not resist you. I pray she submits to you and becomes your lesbian lover.

Just walk up to her and say something like I think your beautiful even if she doesn't want to date you she'll take it as a compliment :) I assume you know she's into girls? But don't take it an insult if she doesn't return your affections best of luck hun :)

I am pretty sure she is in to girls! It's just me there fallin n bein nervous to tell her! But thanks for that

Aww okay hun no worries I'm sure you'll do great :) feel free to message me for any other advice :)

just go for it kiss her and take her for your own. it's your right as a lesbian

you regret the things you don't try, even if it goes wrong, the pain won't last as long as regret.

So @ azureskye do you think I should go ahead and tell her?

haha, It's not like I know her, you do though right?

Other than seeing her around nothing else! I would say I kno her only at work!

hmm, how to approach without sounding creepy, that's a hard one. I can't really give any advice : p well you could try casual conversation.. find out what her hobbies and interests are. you can get to know someone without confessing to them lol

Soo true thanks #@azureskye I appriciate that

better sadness for rejection than regret for not trying.

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