Tenderness Multiplied

Seeing a lesbian couple on the street, beach or just somewhere makes my voyeur instinct switch on. I admit it, I stare shamelessly. Hopefully my admiration doesn't go misunderstood.

There is something undeniably sexy seeing two women together in sexual, or only romantic sense. I' bisexual and find female body desirable, but that's not what I'm looking for when watching (read: stalking) these couples. They don't have to be making out or anything, just the simple fact that they have a relationship, they care for each other, love each other... I can't find a wording that describes what I want to say.

The couples of opposite sexes or male couples don't trigger a similar response in me. I don't know why, maybe it's just a fetish of mine? Stalking lesbians. Great, that makes me sound completely normal and sane person within society's range of acceptance. (Not)

When I truly think about it and my own reactions I can come with at least one reason, but I don't think I can make it sound understandable.

In relationship between two women there is so much potential of tenderness it feels overwhelming. Of course straight couples or gay couples can be like that too, but it doesn't reflect to their physical forms. Female body, filled with curved lines, smooth skin and overall softness it's like a word 'tender' in flesh. And when women are together, it's like the softness and tenderness multiplies.

Rarararara. Once again, I'm not making any sense.

Well, people in this group understand how it's like. Why did I even start to explain something I can't find words for?

Fearofsilence Fearofsilence
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7 Responses Jul 17, 2010

wow, thats exactly what i was thinking!<br />
girls just seem a lot more soft and gentle...

Everything I see points straight to one conclusion. Girls are better than boys in every way. I am an older experienced guy, well educated, and I can vouch for the truth I proclaim. It's just amazing that so few people see what's so obvious. I am inferior. My body is inferior. My mind and feelings are inferior. But I would never try to dress as a girl or get my sex changed cos the result would be so bad. But I am so sorry I was born male. It's awful.

You're most welcome Fear, glad i could help :)

Chemistry! Yeah, that's good, at least the better than the ones I used. Thanks, valeriejo77 :D

Well, I love seeing other lesbian couples because I know that they may have found the wonderful happiness together that my partner and I have found!!! I know that when we see other lesbian couples all four of us automatically smile!

There is something very sexy about seeing two women together and like Fear said, something soft and tender. When men see two women together they get all these hot steamy sex scenes in their heads. The sex is fantastic, yes !! The reason is because of the softness, the tenderness, the intimacy. Being bi i have expereinced sex with both men and women. Sex with another woman is sooooooooooooooo much better because we are joined physically and emotionally- intimacy !!<br />
Fear, you explained your thoughts very well. Maybe the word you are searching for is "chemistry"? There is nothing in this world that describes the joy of being totally connected in every way to your lover. This connection emcompasses much more than just physical pleasure. Men are only into the physical, they miss out on soooooo much !!

I know exactly what you mean but same as yours, i can't find words to explain.