Its A Girl Thing.

For me i love women and i love being close to them straight single bi its all good to me most women think about what it would be like to kiss another women or sleep with one but only the most adventures really go for it and make some thing of what ever fantasy they have,what makes me laugth is the people who go round saying thats night right but 10 times out 10 they are the closest seekers that want to but are affarid what other people think about what they could come across as or what they think of them.The way i see it what ever you do in life its up to you and nobody else as its your life and your time,how you enjoy yourself or go about finding love and adventure is down to you and you only yes you have haters and people who aint got nothing better to do then stick their noses in your life but more fool them they are the ones who have the problem as its them making a big song and dance over what is nothing to do with them in the first place,but thats life you cant please any one just as long as you please your self why should you care what other people wanna say,so live your life and enjoy it in what ever way you can as you only live once if people wanna get stuck in a rut and let hate and image get in the way of them having a life leave them to it as its more fun to take the **** out of those who have a problem with your way of having a life as you are the one who is happy,so if you are bi gay straight if its love then its good if its just fun then even better as long as you aint hurting anyone dont let life or haters hold you back.

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i want to lick your *****

Well said! You could ot be more right, IMO...

I agree with u nuttyrocker

Well said nuttyrocker, I couldnt have said it any better. I totally agree with you.

I am a male lesbian. I only have sex with women.