Lesbian Love At First Sight

When I was about 13 years old, a younger friend and myself were walking down an alley behind some businesses. We came across a huge dumpster and took a look inside to see if there was anything good that two young kids could put to use. I saw a small box and took a look inside and there it was, my first ever look at an all girl on girl magazine. My friend kept on rummaging  through the dumpster but I was fascinated with this strange magazine that was titled, " Love The Lesbians". The cover had two dark haired naked woman on it holding each other and a couple of story titles. I couldn't take my eyes off of it and when I opened it up and saw picture after picture of girls kissing each other and licking and sucking on each other I felt butterflies in my stomach and a stirring down below. I had to get back to my friends house and delve into this wondrous find. We made it back to my friends house and out to the back of his garage so I could sit and visually savor every page of girl on girl photos it had. Well my friend went into the house to grab us something to drink and while he was in there told his older brother what I had found and that I was out in back of the garage checking it out. Well the next thing I know I was rudely interrupted out of my lesbian fantasy state of mind by my friends older brother yanking it out of my hands and telling me how disgusting this magazine was and that I was to young to be looking at such trash. I tried to put up a fight but he was way to big and strong for me so off he went with my first ever look at what I have come to love so much in my life ... Lesbians.
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i had never thought about lesbians much until little over a year ago. that is when i was introduced to the pleasures of another woman. now i enjoy being with a woman too

Were you surprised to discover that women did such things to each other?

Of course he wanted it for himself.<br />
Hugs<br />

Awww.....he took it for himself! Gotta love those older brothers!