Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

I was watching this film the other night and noticed in the sex scenes that when Lisbeth was in bed with a girl they had there pants on,but when with Mikael she was starkers.Even in the rape scene she was naked,i would of thought in this day and age they would be ok with lesbian scenes but no shame on Hollywood
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Try the Europen copy of the same movie (sub-titles). I love the book series.

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Sorry to belabour this point Laur3n but there is no full-on nudity in any of the scenes that do not involve Lisbeth and Mikael. In fact, sex is implied in all of the other relationships. It is not depicted with or without underwear.

Again, I’m excluding the rape scene for the same reasons as previously stated.

I agree with you that mainstream cinema treats homosexual sex scenes differently to the way it treats corresponding heterosexual scenes. However, in the case of this particular film, I still believe that your observation is a little unjust.

The first three words say it all 101

"I was watching".........................ooops! there goes my obtuse humour again.
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First off, let me apologise for my original comment. I was making a bit of a facile joke and playing up to the stereotypical male fantasy. I was using your comment on the film as an excuse to watch some girl on girl action. A bit of an obtuse joke methinks.

Thing is however, I don’t agree with your critique.

Basically, there are three sexual relationships in this story (I don’t include the rapes because, to me, these are not relationships); Lisbeth and Miriam, Mikael and Erika and, most importantly, Lisbeth and Mikael. Fincher, the director, glosses over the lesbian encounter but he also does this with the scene between Mikael and Erika.

The sex scenes between Lisbeth and Mikael are more graphic and passionate because they are central to the relationship between these two characters. In Mikael, Lisbeth finds a man who doesn’t judge her. He accepts her for who and what she is. She falls for him but, sadly, when the adventure is over, he goes back to his usual life and she feels spurned.

Consequently, I don’t think that Fincher doesn’t show as much nudity in the lesbian scene because of Hollywood’s prejudices towards homosexuality. I believe that it’s because this scene is relatively insignificant.

A fair critique but i'll stick with my simple observation that in the other scenes she is naked but in the lesbian scene she has to have her pants on.

you are absolutely right. when commenting on this post, i tried to approach it as if i had only seen this one version of the story. but i've read all three books and seen all three of the original films. perhaps this made me ignore other possibilities as to how things could have been. or, perhaps being a guy, made me see Mikael's perspective and limitations. you see, i've never seen him as monogomous. a nice guy, who cares about women very much. but could he have given Lisbeth the love she needed?.......idk

Inteligent discourse though 101,thanks

thank you Laur3n :) do i make my smile BIGGER?


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i've seen both the original, Swedish, version and the Hollywood version but can't remember if the Swedes handled the lesbian scene any differently. off to do some very serious research on homophobia in cinema :)

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