She Was Diffrent Lesbian Love

We started off as friends and she always knew I waned to kiss her on her lips that looked soft.Let me remind you she is a lesbian stud and im a lesbian fem,we both dont take the bs from noone not even our fellow lesbians.we talked on the phone for hours til we finaly had a chance to hang out together and that night I will reamember it for the rest of my life. It was surpose to be a night on the town juss me ad her drinks and blun blowen is all we did and It dont matter to me its what ever. We kept together and we went to her house.I started to panic because I didnt know she was takeing care of her sick mother,i think its sweet but im focus on her the way she walked the way she gave me the eye.We went to her room more drinks more blunts.We layed down under the covers to cuddle with eachother. I feel asleep first then she did. I woke up to her kissing me at 4am.She got between my legs hold each thigh rubbing me up and down all over my body, awww,it felt so gud. The kissis all over my breast my neck I wanted bite her so hard but I only bit her lips and I knew she liked it. She riped my boyshorts off asking me what I like, All I could do is close my eyes I cant speak a word all I can do is grab her hair is moan.We had sex so many times.I tell u she made it even harder for me to keep my feeling locked up.It felt so gud as many times I camem she was better than the rest (even my ex ) yeah boy! It aint no shame in my game. Now me and her dateing and even tho sex was good I think she the one, im really feeling her. I love her mind her swag. I cant wait til I hold her and kiss her agian.
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Girl I love the story too cute :)

I see I messed up alil but gud storie