I'm a Butch Lez That Loves Other Butch Lez

Hey all, I'm your typical butch lesbian.  I dress in guys cloths, right down to the boxer shorts n carry the wallet in my back pocket.  I plan on gettin my hair chopped off next, it is short to begin with, but I wan't a buzz cut.  I'm proud to be who I am, and I'm not gonna let anyone  get in the way of me being me.  I am who I am and if they don't like it, then I don't want them as a friend.

I also love other butch women.  I just find them very sexy and appelling to me.  I wouldn't go so butch to where they don't shave, thats where I would have to draw the line.  I love woman they are so beautiful.  Love how there skin feels up against mine.  Love how when a woman touches me, it sends chills down my spine and I get wet n tingly in all the right places.

I'm 28 and single, but am lookin for the right woman that can make me happy and me make her happy.  I belive in being compleatly honest and commited once in a relationship.  Yes I will admit that I'm a major playa n flirt, up intell I get my lady.

So any single butches out here wanna chat with me hit me up at my e-mail synth222001 at that yahoo place that is my IM too or u can do the myspce thing /cynthia_1978. 

Hope to hear from some sexy ladies.


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9 Responses Jan 29, 2007

Yep, totally agree... screw the "why-would-you"s... they just don't understand. Personally I'm a femme who's most attracted to femmes. In general, but not exclusively. But I'm a bit of an oddball mix 'cause I got a masculine body shape and I'm into my muscle building. You know what though? Be an oddball mix, if you are one. It's fun and nobody should say nothing against it. :)<br />
<br />
Cool story.

go for what makes you happy

Jeez, people just don't understand that butch/butch love. I ******* love butch women, never thought I would, (I always used to date feminine women cause I like to lingerae -sp?- and pin up girls) but I do. Kudos for telling everyone more about you. :) <br />
Don't hesitate to message me sometime. Oh, and don't listen to those immature/uneducated people. <br />
<br />
peace, g.

Cause for every type of person in the world, theres someone out there that loves 'em...just gotta find them. Pretty damn cool, if you ask me.

I don't understand...? Why are you attracted to girls that dress, look and act like guys??? What's wrong with hawt ;-P fem gals??

You're a girl!?

yes they are...so do i look butch enough for you? i am rockin on, all the time hun;)